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California Star
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Technical Specifications
California Star - Motor Close Up
Mid-engine Chevy Sidewinder
The California Star has features and engineering achievements that will get your adrenalin going. First of all, the frame is a fully triangulated chrome moly space frame. The suspension is right out of Formula 1 Racing. The body is hand formed from aluminum sheet. All grills and the dash are machined by hand.

The beautiful tan upholstery is Connolly leather from natural cowhide. The wheels are Centerline six-pin Sprint car knock-off hubs. The steering is rack and pinion modified from Porsche 911S heritage. The tires in front are Pirelli P7 radials with BF Goodrich Big Ns on the rear. The engine is rear mounted and sideways (A Chevrolet Sidewinder V6.) The power comes on with an Air Research Turbo, Venolia pistons and Crane valve train.

And it all comes wrapped in a Ferrari red paint that took four gallons to complete. More... Page 2

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