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California Star
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California Star
California Star
The California Star began in 1980 as a means of transportation to those who cherished the thrill of high speed engines, new ways to make them work and a general feeling of sculpture in motion.

The task was not easy. Hundreds of drawings of ideas were prepared before implementing any construction. Theories were engineered and tested to make sure the desired result would be obtained. During fabrication, many parts were custom made by a dedicated team of craftsmen. The personal involvement and satisfaction these craftsmen contributed to this project is phenomenal. These craftsmen didn't just make parts, they made works of art.

All of this energy had to be orchestrated, channelled and eventually fine tuned to a vehicle that has been called "The Hot Rod of the Future".

The man responsible for this creation is Don Varner. A designer whose love of automobiles and good design are one in the same. With a relentless level of desire, Don has been able to achieve a unique statement of going in style.

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